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The History of Kaohsiung

The History of Kaohsiung

Introduction The Kaohsiung Museum of History, as a significant historical landmark in Kaohsiung, is to become an important portal for people to know more about this city. Its permanent exhibitions offer an excellent opportunity for Kaohsiung locals to understand their home, and, at the same time, visitors from other parts of Taiwan and international tourists can witness the efforts over the past century that have gone into building the city that Kaohsiung is today. They can also see the many different facets and scenes from the area as well as other topics of interest, such as how the river, harbor, and railway transformed Kaohsiung from a sleepy fishing village into a vibrant international port over more than a hundred years.   A. Impressions of Kaohsiung Using the first polarizing mirror display of its kind in Taiwan, this section presents an exhibit of digital images for the most precious items from the Kaohsiung Museum of History collection. Can you catch a glimpse of any familiar faces in the archives? You are hereby invited to tell your own life story through these images. B. The History of Kaohsiung A high-quality 20-meter-wide immersive theater presents a ten-minute panoramic animation of Kaohsiung’s history. Taking you through the “Prehistoric Age,” “Koxinga’s Dynasty,” “Qing Dynasty,” “Japanese Era,” “Republican Period,” and “Contemporary Kaohsiung,” you can learn more about the city at various times in its history, offering vivid testimony to its progress. C. Kaohsiung by the Numbers Let’s use our fingers to find out the most and best about Kaohsiung via the interactive wall monitor. A learning card at the end of the display along with little-known side stories in the permanent exhibit are also waiting for you to discover them.