Architectural Style of KMH


The predecessor of the Kaohsiung Museum of History Building was the Kaohsiung City Hall, which was opened in September 1939. It became the location of the city government after being taken over by the Kaohsiung City Government in 1945. This building no longer played a role as the administrative center until the Kaohsiung City Government moved to the Siwei Administrative Center in 1992. The transition from the Kaohsiung City Government to the Kaohsiung Museum of History was in 1998, and the building itself was designated as a historic site of Kaohsiung City in 2004.

The Kaohsiung City Hall is a typical imperial crown style building, which is basically a modern eclectic architecture with a roof of Oriental architecture taste. The whole building is symmetrical, the center is the highest with two second-highest guard towers extend to both sides, expressing the majesty and commemoration of the building as an official building.

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