Visitors are free of entry. Some special exhibition, experiences and events require extra ticket. Please refer to the events information page for more detail regarding the fare.

Address: No. 272, Zhongzheng 4th Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Phone Number: +886-7-5312560

Website: http://khm.org.tw

Email: kmhorgtw@gmail.com

You can take Kaohsiung Metro (KRTC) to O4 City Council Station or O2 Yanchengpu Station, walk 10 minutes and arrive to the Museum,

or take Kaohsiung City Bus 0 South, 0 North, 25, 33, Red 52, 60, 76, 77, 82, 91, 99, 214, 219, 224, 248, 8001 to arrive.

For more traffic information, please visit "Home-Visit-Transportation" .

The Museum aims to display the items for educational and researchful purpose. Photography is allowed for most of the display, excepting the ones signed with "No Photo". In order to protect the relics and the building, please do not use flashlights while taking photos.

To maintain the safety and the visiting quality, please do not bring your pets to the Museum, excluding the guide dogs for visually impaired visitors.

Please access to the service desk to borrow the baby buggy or wheelchair with an ID card.

If food with strong smell, soup and leftovers arent properly packed and threw in the trash bin, it may mess the surroundings, attract rats and bugs and damage the building materials. To maintain the relics and the environment of the museum, please eat and drink at the designated area.

If you bring your own food, please finish eating at the outdoor resting area. Thank you for your cooperation.

We provide the service of space rental in KMH and its affiliated premises. Please visit "Home-Announcement" for more information.

Kaohsiung Museum of History plans exhibitions that combine culture and history, cooperating with museums and educationalists to select and collect appropriate materials for display in order that the people can get a better understanding of the urban development of Kaohsiung. Therefore, we do not accept personal works and works fom art associations for exhibition considering our limited space and characteristic of the relics.

We offer the service of guided tour for group between 10 to 40 people and audio guide rental so as to help visitors to get a better understanding about the history background and the theme of the exhibits. .

We recuit volunteers irregularly. If you are above 18 years old, physically and mentally healthy, interested in history, enthusiasm for service, time conscious and can follow the rules of the Museum, please visit "Home-Join Us" for more information.

1. Please call and contact the collection management personnel: +886-7-5312560 #313, Ms. Lin. Please provide relative information of the relic for further evaluation process to see if it accords with the Museums collection goal.

2. Donater must sign "Donator Consent" and donate the relics at no cost.

3. According to our collection policy, donated relics require a verification from the Collection Committee. Once it is verified, we will issue a certificate of appreciation and a receiving certificate. Please visit "Home-Collection-Collection Policy" for more information.

We do not offer the service of cultural relics identification.

We have a parking lot in the front. In case it is full, you can find another parking lot on Daren Rd., Yancheng Dist.

Please fill the questionnaire at the service desk or send your valuable feeback via email.